Thank you & Farewell…


So, news.

Kind of. You may have guessed from my absence on the blog. Or if you follow me on facebook or instagram, you probably noticed my shift of attention… away from flowers and weddings. Or maybe I’ve mentioned it in passing this past season.

When I started Bunch it was on a whim, but also with the intention of making this a temporary dabble into the wedding world. Never did I imagine I would be doing my own wedding flowers, flowers for friends and family, or even, clients who sought after my work. I didn’t envision taking it as far as we’ve come… designing with and for some of the best in the industry… truly it has been overwhelming and a blessed experience. And I thank you, each and everyone of you… for recommending me, for trusting me, for helping me – friends and family, and my wonderful trivia-loving nerd assistants whom I could never have done without… and my N. Alas, it is time to say good bye to this chapter. While I will still be creating weddings for a select few, I am, for the most part, hanging up my waist apron and putting away the shears. It has been beautiful, Bunch Studio.

What next?

If you haven’t noticed, I am completely smitten with #itobaby. We are going to focus on family. And in between naps and under the moonlight, I will be working on my next creative venture… which I do hope you keep in touch and stay tuned for. In fact, we’re still not done sharing all the lovelies we’ve worked on… so stick around.


Love always, M.

Photoshoot {Los Olivos, CA}

 Berry hues, lace and delicious white cakes make up this pretty little shoot, photographed by Jose Villa in the windy hills of Los Olivos. Enjoy Cupcakes provided the pretty trio of cake goodness. Hair & Make up by TEAM Hair & Make Up.Golden gowns by Sarah Seven. Our florals. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Enjoy!

(recognize our model?)