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The Great Bridal Expo, Los Angeles edition

Hello hello!

This past Sunday was the Great Bridal Expo in downtown LA. And although this show was smaller than last Fall’s show, the turn out and response Bunch Studio received was fantastic! Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed for more to come from it! This time around I decided to go with just 2 themes; it really eased my mind to simplify instead of trying to do too much, as I tend to do.

Modern Sunshine (consisting of Craspedia, Statice, Calas, Ranunculus, Dogwood, Spray Roses, and Spider Poms):

and Garden Romance (consisting of Lotus pods, Artichoke, Sweet Pea, Wax Flower, Helleborus, Amaranthus, Bells of Ireland and a Manzanita branch):

My assistants for the day were N and N. Thank you!!! You guys are the bestest.While setting up I saw other florists roll in with carts and carts of elaborate and beautiful arrangements that put me in awe and I was really feeling the pressure. Some vendors had really outdone themselves. I had a whopping 2 themes. However, during the show we were approached so many of the attendees telling us that our flowers and designs were unique and different from the everyday stuff they see… which is what I try to strive for in my approach. Yay for Bunch Studio!

  • Seol Lee

    Beautiful as always!

  • Olivia Wu

    your designs definitely set you apart from the general pool of wedding florists out there. keep up the great work! i LOVE seeing the next thing Bunch Studio designs! :)

  • Golden Belles

    Your design is chic and modern, especially the color combinations that you use for the different flowers. I will definitely refer you to my clients! Gwen :)